You have been imprisoned by evil aliens, but their base has finally been demolished and abandoned - it is now your chance to escape!

Beware their traps though, which are still functional - those aliens have been up to no good! Fear not, however, as you will always get a second chance...

Move Left - A / Left Arrow

Move Right - D / Right Arrow

Jump - W / Up Arrow / Space

Pause - Escape


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That's cool! Thanks for uploading it as a browser game!

great game :D

Please upload in GLSL2

What a neat little game! I like the way you used the theme. At first it wasn't clear to me what happened when I died, but it made sense after the first level. I enjoy the art style, and the death animation is great.

The music is neat. I would recommend not fading it out every time the level changes. You could instead use a lowpass filter, or fade in a different picee of music.

Overall nicely done :D

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it :)